Trans Am Bike Race 2019

This is America

10 states, 6,800kms.

HIGH&OVER, Hunt Bike Wheels and Dissent 133 have teamed up to sponsor Swedish Randonneur rider, Martin Henrysson, as he takes on the Trans America Race 2019.

Martin is a pretty unique cyclist; he covers hundreds of kilometres, day after day, seemingly without need of rest, let alone sleep.

He currently holds the unofficial Swedish records for fastest times over 600km, 1000km and 1500km – they don’t log official records for these distances.

Martin Henrysson — Trans Am Race

In June, he and his friend Matthias fly from Stockholm, Sweden, to Portland, USA, to start their adventure. Their goal — to finish first in the pairs race.

Hunt have form for this type of fast-far bike-packing event. Back in 2012 Josh Ibbett won the Trans Continental Race on one of the very first pairs of HUNT’s 4 Season Disc wheels.

To get him from Astoria (Oregon) to Yorktown (Virginia) as quickly as possible, Martin will be riding Hunt’s Superdura Dynamo Disc wheelset.

On such long-distant and brutal races riders’ hands go through lot. Heavy rain, harsh winds and long exposure to the elements take their toll. To to protect his Martin will be wearing Dissent 133’s Ultimate Cycling gloves. A fantastic layered system that can be adapted for any conditions America throws at him.

Other parts of the riders’ anatomy also go through a lot…. Though new to the game, the HIGH&OVER kit has been thoroughly tested; as part of their pre-launch R&D program the Freewheel team rode 4,500km from Stockholm to Madrid in June last year.

This year Martin has been putting his HIGH&OVER kit through its paces, just recently completing a three-day, 750km, rando ride over the Easter weekend (yep!). Oh, and the weekend after that he rode 680km non-stop from Stockholm to Lund, a town near the border to Denmark.

His verbatim review isn’t fit for press, but let’s just say he’s very happy with his H&O kit, particularly the chamois pad in our bib shorts.

Enough. Information.

Martin Henrysson Trans Am rider
Martin Henrysson Trans Am rider — Photo by Chris Lanaway
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