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Order now and get 20% off. Shipping expected late-March / early-April.

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Race jersey v2 — Forest

kr 1 300.00 kr 1 040.00

LS jersey v2 — Blue

kr 1 400.00 kr 1 120.00

Race bibs v2 — Blue

kr 1 650.00 kr 1 320.00

Race bibs v2 — Snow

kr 1 650.00 kr 1 320.00

All day v2 — Black

kr 1 800.00 kr 1 440.00

Base layer v2 — Snow

kr 450.00 kr 360.00

Snow white bib shorts ↴


Order now and get 20% off. Shipping late-March / early-April.

Starting as a one-off farewell gift for a friend of H&O who was moving from Stockholm, these white cycling shorts have since evolved into an H&O product you can now order for yourself! We’re not really sure how this happened, but it has.

There’s no doubt they’re for the braver riders out there (on fair-weather days). Construction is our brand new v2 pattern for 2021 featuring a superb new chamois pad, lay-flat suspenders, superb grippers on the legs. They’re so comfy.

Feeling brave?

Pre-order price: kr 1 650.00 kr 1 320.00

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