Basemile Snowdown 2023

Twice Covid cancelled it. For 2023 it was a case of 3rd time lucky — we were finally able to put on the 6th edition of this lovely event.

Perspective — Danny’s.

As the weekend approached the conditions got more favourable with temperatures dipping below zero and perhaps even the threat of some sunshine.

As ever, we all gathered in a chilly car park in Östertälje to drop bags, load up on fika (kindly provided by Cykelcafe Lemond) and fit the custom Basemiles AssSavers before hitting the road to the castle.

As they set off snow was falling, a good omen for the day ahead. The riders pushed through the morning with their first milestone in mind — the now infamous Dragon Pizza Deli Pasta Grill in Gnesta. Their pizzas taste extra-special on the first day of Basemiles.

With lunch done the riders suited up for the second-leg. The sun even made a brief appearance, cheering them on over the ice and snow and on to the castle where, little did they know, a surprise awaited…

As dusk approached a mist descended on Sparrelholm. Soon enough a series of lights were streaming through the castle gates. Bags were grabbed, bunks were claimed. The first day was done. The first night just beginning…

A Basemiles first — for this edition we were lucky enough to open the doors to the main castle building and take a look inside. The fires were already lit, the beer was already chilled. A nice time was spent drifting around the beautiful old building inspecting the many many chairs that were present. Oh, and there was a bear by the fireplace wearing a Santa Claus hat (of course there was).

Day 2

A big breakfast was served up and the routes we discussed. The weather looked ideal, a few degrees below zero and maybe even some sunshine in the afternoon. The longer route was chosen and we suited up/faffed to take on the day.

A few kilometres into the ride our friend Anders from Spektrum Sports showed up in a camera car (kindly piloted by his Dad) to take shots of the riders out on the trails.

Sadly the sun didn’t come out to play but the conditions made for some lovely moody shots. As is tradition, some deer showed up to say hi…

On returning home to the castle dinner was served, the sauna was heated up and the braver folk took a plunge in the ice cold lake. Some say this is good for the body. Some disagree.

The evening was rounded off with the inaugural Basemiles Quiz — a chance for the riders to pit their wits against each other and the questions posed to them by the fiendish quiz master, Mr Bragis.

Rumour has it there may have been  a midnight cèilidh in the castle, though no proof of this exists (or should ever reach the outside world).

The End

Tired heads, tired legs. A chill ride back to the start awaited the riders. Temperatures dropped some more making for a truly magical spectacle with frost clinging to landscape.

All made it home safe and sound and we, as organisers, were happily exhausted with how the weekend unfolded.

Bring on Basemiles 2024.

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