Informal: Courageous rider compensating moderate ability by combative riding.

“Yeah, foolish attacks are what those Baroudeurs are all about.”

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Baroudeur Fietsclub x HIGH&OVER

Inspired by Belgium, Flanders and Dutch gabber.
Duvel and frites.
Tom Boonen and Marianne Vos.
Cobbles and cross-winds.
A bike racing team with a half French, half Dutch name.
From Stockholm.

Yeah, makes no sense to us either.

Baroudeur Fietsclub logo

Formed near the end of 2017 by a core of riders who wanted to race and train their own way. An emphasis on finding fun while riding hard.

The BFC logo started life as an entire Vlaamse Leeuw (Flemish Lion). As the design evolved it ended up taking the shape of one of the lion’s claws. Awesome.

HIGH&OVER’s co-founder joined BFC in Spring 2018. Making team kit was not part of H&O’s plan, but after careful consideration at the team HQ (Bishops Arms, Bellmansgatan, Stockholm) agreements were reached, ideas hatched and timelines set. It was on.

Baroudeur Fietsclub High and over jersey and bib shorts

Swedish Cycling Federation rules meant the kit design should remain much the same as the previous kit. Simple. We made a few updates from the previous kit design, but nothing major.

The construction and materials for the jersey, base layer and bib shorts are identical to the HIGH&OVER Stockholm collection you can buy here.

But of course, we didn’t stop there…

HIGH & OVER BFC Jersey 02


Early on it became clear several BFC riders wanted a speed suit. While this wasn’t something we had planned on, the challenge seemed too good not to take on. Added bonus, we had a collection of fantastic riders for guinea pigs.

HIGH&OVER speed suit

Known in-house as the “onesie” — we started by creating a one-off H&O speed suit sample. This was tested and adjusted and the final version signed-off — voila, we have the BFCxH&O speed suit…

HIGH and OVER Speed suit 01
HIGH&OVER Speed suit 02
HIGH and OVER Speed suit 03
HIGH&OVER Speed suit 04

The team debuted the speed suit at Arlanda Track GP, a criterium race just outside Stockholm. One first place and two second places across three races entered. Not a bad start!

BFCxH&O team photo


We’ll continue to ride and race with BFC — developing our products and testing new items with them.

As for offering a HIGH&OVER speed suit in our store, the jury is still out. Would you be interested? If so, drop us a line and let us know — [email protected]


BFC Rider reviews of the H&O kit

"The kits are absolutely amazing. It feels superior to all other jerseys I have."

— Jesper Zerman, BFC

"Stunning kit with high quality finishes and very comfortable women-specific cut. Feeling fast when wearing it!"

— Guayen Minchot, BFC

"IT IS MY BEST KIT EVER!!! I love it, have never ever felt so good looking (not even in my wedding wearing tuxedo, he he)"

— Mats Setréus, BFC

"I picked up my new skinsuit last night. Just put it on, sitting here and eating breakfast in it before heading to work. It feels goooood. Yes, I slept in it too."

— Petra Dolejsova, BFC

"Agree with #1, and that it’s the best kit evah"

— Erik Norström, BFC

"The new BFC kit is simply amazing. The speedsuit gives me an extra 25-30 watts it feels like. Race fit AF and just as fast. Love it."

— Klas Nordentjell, BFC

"If I’m getting married I’m planning to wear the skin suit"

— Anonymous, BFC

Boonen. 2012. Paris-Roubaix.

Bom van Balen crushing the cobbles and bringing it home in the velodrome.

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