Helmets — Always wear one.

And why you shouldn’t always listen to art directors…

Always use protection

Last summer we arranged a photoshoot. Some riders wearing our kit and some photographers taking shots of them riding on some beautiful quiet roads outside of Stockholm.

It was a great day. Also a proud day as it was the first time we got to see our kit “in the wild” with the full intention of showing it off to the world.

You’ll notice the riders in our photos aren’t wearing helmets. This call was made by our art director and in retrospect was a mistake. The shoot was carried out in very controlled conditions, cars weren’t present without warning and the riders were either stationary or going very very slowly (even if they look super fast – magic!).

In the real world we always wear helmets. They’re an essential and shouldn’t be forgotten. It was a mistake to decide against using them in our shoot and one we shan’t repeat in the future. We’re currently on the lookout for a helmet partner to work with for future photo and video shoots.

Thanks for reading and ride safe.



Safety first — Our co–founder attempting CX a few years back.

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